Give the Plants a Chance seeks to encourage the sharing of excess plant material and horticultural supplies.

Is your garden overrun with volunteer plants? Are the seedlings you started too numerous for your plot? Do you have a shed full of old garden tools, or does your favorite house plant need dividing? If so, share the info on our site and help these worthy plants and supplies find new homes. And it works both ways: before you run to the nursery or garden center, you can check to see what your neighbors are offering—the perfect plant could be right next door.

A beautiful and diverse garden can be cultivated from very little if we just give the plants a chance!


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Please include any and all relevant information in the posting description. Remember, knowing the scientific name of a plant makes all the difference!

Please use caution when posting or answering posts. This classified system is designed to maintain anonymity in posting. Do not reveal any unnecessary personal information, and only share pertinent details when you feel comfortable and confident in your interactions with your fellow users.

Give the Plants a Chance is a free classified posting system designed to facilitate user to user horticultural exchanges. Give the Plants a Chance is not responsible for any exchanges that take place in these forums.

The interface is designed for locality/regionality specifically to avoid the difficulty of shipping plant material. It is the responsibility of the user to obey local, state, and national laws regarding the exchange of plant material. The trade of patented plant material is illegal. The trade of restricted plant material is illegal.

For a full list of laws and regulations on the exchange of plant material please visit the USDA website:


The United States Department of Agriculture